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November 2013 ~catching up

My poor neglected blog...I honestly have had such good intentions of catching up on the past 9 (!) months but every time I have a spare second the thought of even starting the process seems overwhelming!  Instead of my normal posts, I am going to do more a picture dump ~ adding tidbits and memories as I can recall them.  Should be interesting, but my hope is that once I have caught up, I will be able to start posting on a regular basis once again.  
Wish me luck!

Kennedy had "Art Walk" at school, showcasing the students artwork from the first few months of the year.  It was a Wizard of Oz theme, pretty well done and fun to have a school wide event.

Standing proud with her hand print zebra

Performing a little song and dance

lollipops were the hit of the evening!

Carter joined the church's children's choir this year.  Thankfully his good buddy, Samuel, was also a member.  I was always impressed by how well they did ~ performing for the entire sanctuary on several Sunday mornings throughout the year and on special occasions, too.
Usually Carter was all business when he was up on stage, so I was thrilled to capture this little smirk on his sweet face.

Kennedy's classroom had a Thanksgiving feast and I volunteered to set the tables.  It was fun to put together and I was very happy with the end result.

The kids participated in a fun "Turkey Trot" run at the zoo on Thanksgiving morning.  I think if we do it again, we will do the 5K as a quick down and back was too short for the kids, especially the boys!  It was fun to get together with our friends, the Asburys.

Getting ready

Asher finished first in their age group ~ he was really moving!

Kyle ran with Kennedy
As usual, she was all business and was trying her best to finish first!

Pretty proud of her participation ribbon!

Kennedy and Ainsley

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