Saturday, July 19, 2014

Early December ~ 2013 ~ HOLIDAY RANDOMNESS

December is always a busy month for us...lots of fun activities and traditions.  I love the holiday season and all that it entails.

First up, the weekend after Thanksgiving we headed to Glennwood Tree Farm to find the perfect tree.

my favorite part of our annual tree hunt is that I inevitably choose a tree that is about 15 feet tall and can't quite accept that Kyle can't make it fit in our smallish living room.  We compromise and always end of with a smallish tree, no more than 8 feet.  Someday I will have super tall ceilings and therefore a super tall tree!

Carter singing at church again

Playing basketball during the winter is great!  Indoors, warm and cozy and only a 45 minute game once per week.  It's fantastic!

Coach Nick, Aiden, Matthew, Samuel, Carter, Trenton, Andrew, Ben and Coach Kyle

Kennedy and I got to celebrate Gracie's 6th birthday at a super cute Mickey Mouse party.  It doesn't get much better than red and white polka dots ~ darling!

The happy party group

Always fun to have our tree up and our Christmas clothes out!
I think I snap pictures every Sunday of Advent, just to document the cuteness of the season.  My kids love it, I am sure.

Zoo Lights!

Kennedy's love affair with maps continues!

my group of crazies, love them and all their silliness

rosy cheeked and excited to see the lights

Our friends, Brevin and Emery joined us at the zoo this year.  Always more fun to celebrate with friends!

Carter did a class report on Australia since we have friends who live there.  I helped a little but he did the majority of the work on his own, and he was very proud of it!

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