Friday, May 10, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt!

For the second year in a row, we had a beautiful, sun shiny day for our neighborhood's Easter egg hunt.  Unfortunately, I got the flu a day or two before, but I managed to pull myself out of bed and torture the kids with pictures! 
(Thankfully it was a short lived bug and I was feeling much better by Easter morning)
It was a clear, crisp, sunny morning ~ perfect for hunting eggs!

I had to include this one, too, because it's such a testament to what we go through in our attempts to get one good picture.  One child is smiling and looks great while the other is being goofy.  No matter, this is a great "real life" shot, as the kids are always being silly!

Kennedy and her friends, Kaitlin and Gracie
serious conversations were had, I'm sure
Carter with Nate and Jacob

Kennedy searching for eggs

We are so fortunate to have neighbors who are good friends, too.
It makes activities like these so much fun!

a basket full of eggs!
This is Carter's last year with the younger kids.  He'll move up to the last area for 7-9 year olds next year.  I vividly remember our first egg hunt when he was just two years old ~ time flies!

Even though I was feeling awful, I love this picture of Carter and me...he was having so much fun out there and was so filled with joy.  I love times like these and hope that I don't forget them when days are challenging.

couldn't resist trying to get a cute picture with the spring flowers

A fun and festive tradition that we all really enjoyed!

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