Friday, May 10, 2013

ballet ~ viewing day

We had our last parent viewing day at ballet back in March and I must admit I absolutely love these type of things.  I could watch Kennedy all day, a mix of free spirit and serious, passionate little one.  And she's just darling in her pink ballet "suit"! 
We got to see the first bits of their recital dances ~ they've got a long way to go, but it's sure to be a cute show no matter what!
tapping around

see what I mean, cute

out came the ribbons and free dancing ~ the room was bursting with cuteness, I assure you!

Kennedy and Kaitlin got to dance together during ballet and it was very sweet.  These two have a fun relationship that is challenging at times (two strong personalities make for fire works every once in awhile).
But they love one another and do have a lot of fun!

see, we have photographic proof!
sweet girls

concentrating on getting the steps just right!

a few of the other dancers in Kennedy's class
Sweet Kennedy, oh how I love to watch you dance and enjoy your class.  I hope you always feel free to dance in life!

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