Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Celebrating Easter!

Unfortunately, I came down with the flu on Easter some of the special things that I had wanted to do were tabled but we were still very capable of celebrating the grace and gifts of Jesus.  The Easter season is one of redemption and salvation, rebirth and renewal and we did our best to emphasize these important aspects to the kids.  It's all too easy to get caught up in the eggs and bunnies ~ and while we enjoy those things very much, we talked a lot about the true meanings of this season.
We colored a few eggs on Saturday night...

Kyle and I managed to get a few things together before the Easter bunny made an appearance!

oh, we had two very excited little ones rushing down in the morning.
I think Kennedy was up well before 6:00, anxious to see if the Easter bunny had made it!

Rapunzel pajamas

a little fun with Bertie Botts, Every Flavor Beans
Carter liked the grass flavor but drew a line at eating ear wax.  A nibble of the soap one had him gagging for a bit!

lots of fun little treasures

Carter, on his own, had decided to give up playing the Wii for Lent.  And he did such an awesome job.  Not that he plays every day, but it was never an issue and he could verbalize why his was making that sacrifice.  I was really proud of him.  So, on Easter morning, as I was getting breakfast ready, he played a quick game of bowling.

Happy Easter!

my loves

of course we had to take a ton of pictures before we left for church!  Thankfully the kids had enough sugar that they were willing participants.

The weather was gorgeous (nearly 80 and beautiful sunshine!), so we stopped along Dawson's Creek on our way out to Hillsboro.
The cherry blossom trees were in bloom and it was just too pretty and springy to pass up!

my little man is getting so big

the boys
Jake is getting so old and grey, he's such a good dog and we're lucky to have him

my sweet girl

Happy Easter!
He is Risen!!!

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