Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Grass Valley Showcase ~ 2013

Last week, Carter's school hosted their winter showcase.  It's a time for parents to come into the classroom, see what the children have been working on throughout the year and then watch a little performance in the cafeteria.  I do enjoy these type of events - it's fun to see families together and to celebrate the school year so far.
Since I volunteer in Carter's class each week, there wasn't a ton for him to show us, but he did show Kyle his desk, we got to see some of his writing and crafts and meet some parents of his classmates.
The art program at Grass Valley is run by parent volunteers.  Each month a new artist is highlighted, some history given (usually in the form of a story) and then the children get to create with different media.  Carter has studied Monet and Georgia O'Keefe.  This month he worked with paint and plaster and created this little masterpiece.  I'll be honest and say this is probably his best work so far.  Often he just swirls the colors together and it doesn't resemble much.  I was really proud of his effort.

Carter and his teacher, Mrs. Lange
This is the first photo that I've taken of his teacher this entire year.
Carter really likes her - she is kind and the kids have fun in her classroom.

The first graders performed an island inspired song, "Calypso"
Carter was all business

Mr. Serious up there
During the song, he (not so kindly) reprimanded a boy behind him for singing when they were just supposed to be clapping.  
We had a little talk about tolerance and kindness

The whole first grade ending their performance with enthusiasm!

Overall a fun night where Carter got to show us his school.

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