Friday, December 17, 2010

A trip to Santaland

We had high hopes for our visit to Santaland this year. Thinking both kids were old enough to understand the importance of telling Santa their Christmas wishes, we had hoped for a fun visit. We were 50% successful - Carter was a champ. Sat right down, smiled a sweet smile for the photographer and instructed Santa to leave a bow and arrow (really) under the tree this year. Kennedy, oh Kennedy, wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with the jolly fellow. She was shooting daggers and scowling and there was no way she was going to sit on his lap. Oh well, one out of two isn't bad...maybe next year?

All dressed up, smiley and excited to go see Santa.

No smiles again this year. Kennedy refused to touch Santa, so our picture turned into a family affair. Please take note of Kennedy's ferocious frown. She was NOT happy.

Trying desperately to coax Kennedy to the big guy. She wouldn't have any part of it - no amount of bribes or promises could have gotten her to get near him.

The anticipation...

And here's proof of the torture that we inflicted on our sweet girl. Seriously, you'd think we'd just administered electroshock! Such dramatics. Notice Carter smiling sweetly - he knew what he needed to do to get on that "nice" list.

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