Thursday, December 16, 2010

perfect tree

After buying our tree from a lot last year, I knew that I wanted to return to our traditions and head out to a tree farm and hunt for the perfect tree. It was definitely the right choice. We discovered a new tree farm, whose proprietor was a wonderfully sweet retired fireman and the price was right! (Glenwood Tree Farm, just a mile NE of the more well-known and much more expensive Thorton's) The kids had a blast, and I'm afraid Carter takes after his mom in wanting a tree that's at least three feet taller than our ceiling. We looked around for a while and actually had a tough time making a decision - there were so many fabulous looking trees! We chose one that was a little shorter than last year, but it was perfectly symmetrical and nice and full. Kyle cut it down in no time flat, we loaded it into the truck and were on our way. So much fun!

The kids had so much fun.

Before we cut it down, Carter wanted to pose with the saw. He thought it was so cool!
Here we are with our tree...our cute tree that now sits in our living room,looking lovely covered in lights and ornaments.

Carter and Kennedy
Christmas 2010

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  1. Cute! Because of our vacation, I had to settle for the lot this year and forgo our usual farm tromping tradition. What I ended up with is a tree far to big for my living room and a gaping hole in the back. It's hideous really, but with the lights and ornaments it's just short of stunning ;) Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!