Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Super Soccer Season

This past Saturday wrapped up an eight week soccer season for Carter. With this being his first foray into team sports, I think it's safe to say that the season was a success. The kids had so much fun and pretty much dominated each game. There were definitely a couple of stand outs on the team, but most of the players improved and everyone scored a few goals. Carter had his best two games at the end of the season, scoring 5 and 4 goals respectively. We encouraged him to be a little more aggressive and actually go TO the ball. His MO throughout most of the season was to run up ahead of his teammates, once they had gotten the ball, and cherry pick the ball and score. It was kind of funny, really, as there was usually more defense among our own team then from our opponents. Overall it was a great season, and Carter is already asking when next year's season will begin.
First game...GO Blue Streaks!

Enjoying snack after the game - certainly one of the highlights!

Team huddle

Carter and Andrew - these two were great and really loved playing on the same team. Andrew is a fantastic little athlete and single handily beat most of our opponents!

Off he goes, look at that determination

Goal kick

SCORE! It was so fun to watch Carter score a goal. He literally beamed from ear to ear and loved to hear the cheers.


Can't you just tell he's having fun?

And the trophy - brought it for share at school and has not been without it for most of the past four days. It was a big deal, for sure.

The Blue Streaks with Coach Lori
(Caden, Eva, Evan, Andrew, Carter and Mason)

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  1. What a fun season! Our boys sure love to play together.