Monday, July 12, 2010

Wedding Weekend - Part 1

We kicked off Val and Mark's wedding weekend with the rehearsal and dinner on Thursday night. It was so great to see family (I only wish I could have talked with everyone more) and help kick off the festivities. Carter, Kennedy and Bennett were all supposed to walk down the aisle, but the rehearsal didn't go so well, so Carter was walking solo. Good choice, I'd say.

I always make a few attempts to snap a good family picture. At least we're all looking at the camera this time. Kennedy was on a smile strike the entire weekend, so we have a lot of serious shots!

No shortage of smiles from this guy, he LOVED every part of the wedding.

Stace and I and the kiddos

Can I just say that my kids are so lucky to have such wonderful aunties...they are so fun, so loving and just all around fantastic.

We love this little guy, sweet Mr. B

Kennedy definitely has a sweet spot for her Pops.

Uncle Justin is SO much fun!

Gettin' their groove on. I think Bennett could teach us all a thing or two about bustin' a move. This little guy can dance!

Kyle and his sis, the gorgeous bride-to-be

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