Friday, June 25, 2010


We kicked off the summer with a week trip to sunny Arizona. After a very wet and gloomy spring in the NW, we all needed a little vitamin D and sun therapy. And the desert did not disappoint. It was sunny, warm and beautiful every day and we all enjoyed a lot of time outside. The kids LOVED the pool and swam several times each day. Carter was less fearful and by the end of the week was swimming around on his own with his life jacket. Kennedy, as usual, was fearless and loved jumping in, diving down and kicking all around. Thankfully she stayed safe and never tried to jump in without us. It was a fabulous week, and we so enjoyed our time with Nana and Pops and, as always, appreciate their generosity and hospitality. Already looking forward to next year!

Day 1 - swim time!
She would have swam all day if we let her

Enjoying the pool toys

Evening walk to feed the ducks at the pond

Carter got a little fishing in

My sweet girl

The kids and our first trip to the 8:00 am! It was too hot to go later in the day, so we got our play time done early!

Having fun at Tumbleweed park

Adrenaline junkie

Uncle Kyle, Nallely, their son Tony and Carter

Christian and Carter
Carter really enjoyed spending time with Kyle's family and getting to know everyone better. He and Tony played well and enjoyed swimming together. They are very sweet kids.

Kiddos at the splash park

We visited a just-opened Aquarium in Tempe. It was fun and the kids seemed to enjoy seeing all the fish. This was one of the few pictures I got of them together.

Otter Pops! When at Nana and Pops, they were certainly indulged a bit more than usual. They LOVED the otter pops!


Day 7 and more park time

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