Friday, January 8, 2010

a shot at roses

I'm not sure exactly why we are Oregon Duck fans...perhaps it's because we'll never see Linfield on tv, and lots of our friends support the ducks, or because they were the best team in the Pac 10 when we graduated. I'm thankful my parents love me as much as they do, considering they are both Oregon State alum, or else I might be disowned! Any way you look at it, we like to cheer on the Ducks - so we decked out our family for the *BIG* game on New Year's Day. Sadly, they were outplayed and they went another year without winning a Rose Bowl.

Carter got this new outfit for Christmas and loves it! He was insistent on wearing it the first day back to school (much to my dismay, as I like him to look a bit more polished on school days), because it has easy pants with no buttons. He's a little confused as to who he should cheer for, and it typically changes with whoever is influencing him.

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  1. We are duck fans for random reasons as well, but its fun to root for a team in the area (northern arizona won't be on TV anytime soon either!) love all the new pics. Happy 2010!