Monday, January 25, 2010

not such a peanut

Kennedy had her 18 month (18 months, how is that even possible!?!) check-up on Friday morning. We switched pediatricians again, so this was our first visit with Dr. Voytas. We really liked him and hopefully this will be the kids' doctor for the foreseeable future. The biggest surprise of the appointment was the big jump on the growth chart. Kennedy is no longer a petite little thing! Here are her latest stats:

Weight - 23 lbs. 11oz. (40%)

Height - 32 1/2 inches (75%)

Wow! She definitely went through a major growth spurt. She's up about 50% in height!

In other areas, she looked great. She's where she should be in all areas other than speech. Still no talking in English...lots of jibberish but no real words yet. We will have an evaluation with a speech therapist soon. The doctor ordered a food allergy test in hopes of finding some cause to her stomach issues. Those results came back negative this morning, so we'll try a few other things to regulate her digestive system before the doc orders any more tests.

Our Kennedy is definitely a strong willed, spirited child. She knows just what she wants and is not shy about trying to get it. Thankfully temper tantrums are few and far between yet, but when they appear you'd better watch out. This girl has staying power! She is fearless when it comes to climbing, jumping, swimming, etc. We have to watch her so much more closely than Carter at this age. She wants to try everything that big brother is doing and thinks she's one of the big kids, I'm sure. She's a good eater, as proven by her newest stats, but not such a good sleeper. She's down to only one nap in the afternoon, but they're not nearly as long as we'd like. Kennedy has also followed in Carter's footsteps with rising before the sun. Our house is usually hopping by 6:00 each morning. That makes for sleepy parents more than anything. She has the most infectious, deep from the belly laugh and loves to be silly. She likes to dance, listen to music, read books and play with her kitchen and her tea set. Really, she's such a sweet little girl and we love her so much.


  1. Look at those EYES! Too pretty!

  2. such a good post. The joys and challenges are just a little different with each one.

    Good luck with the new pediatrician. Why have you changed? We may change insurance companies when baby #2 is born and will have to change pediatricians. I'm worried because I love who we see now.

  3. Kathy ~ we've had to change docs so many times it's pitiful. 1st time was because of insurance change, second was due to our doc leaving the practice to have a baby, didn't like the 3rd, wasn't thrilled with the 4th and here we are on doc #5, let's hope he's a keeper!

  4. Kennedy sounds like my little Maya. I use to refer to Maya as "spirited" - I thought that was a nice way of putting it. :)

    I was going to say that you don't need me to make those ornaments for you - they're so easy! You could totally figure out how to do it! Just buy some coasters and get your pictures ready. Do you have any scrapbooking stuff like the rub-ons and the hole puncher thing? You can do it, but if not just send me the pictures and the info for the back and I'll do it. It'll take me 10 minutes. No big deal. Let me know...