Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve

We had a houseful on Christmas Eve and it made for a wonderful celebration. Uncle Justin, Auntie Stacy and cousin Bennett were in town from SF, and it was great seeing the kids together. My mom was here from Arizona and she was a big help with all the preparations. It would not have been the same without her. Kyle's parents, sister and Aunt Peg also joined in on the festivities, so it was a special evening.

Another attempt at a group photo. Someday we'll get them all looking at the camera and smiling, I promise!

Very happy at the start of the evening but short nap and busy day made for a very cranky Kennedy as the night wore on. Poor girl was fighting a cold, too.

Daddy's girl, for sure

Uncle J and Carter-man

Grandma and Auntie Val with the kids

Carter and his apple (juice) martini! Not one to be left out, he was thrilled to have a big glass.

Kennedy opening a few presents...she's such a girl - loves clothes!

K and B: A tale of two binkies
These two are so funny together, quite interested in what the other is doing.

The sweetest nephew ever! This little guy is such a mellow, happy boy. We love him dearly and were thrilled to be able to share Christmas with him this year.

Carter opening his new cash register. One of the highlights of the evening, I'm sure!

Setting out the cookies for Santa, placing them just so...Santa (with Nana's help) left a little thank you note that Carter found the next morning. He was thrilled that Santa actually ate his cookies and then was thoughtful enough to say thank you.

Father of the year! Kyle started assembling Kennedy's new kitchen around 8:00 on Christmas Eve. Who knew it would take 3+ hours! Good thing she absolutely loved it!

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  1. Nick had the same experience with toy-assembly on Christmas Eve! The boys went down about 9:30pm and we started assembling...the last item was a two shot indoor basketball shooting video thing that stand 6' was a mess. To top it off the four basketballs needed to be pumped up with a needle pump, which we don't have. So grandpa had to drive over at midnight. I finally went to bed around 12:30...he kept working!