Tuesday, December 29, 2009

celebrating friendship

One of the best gifts of the holiday season is the opportunity to get together with friends and celebrate. It's always nice when friends come home for Christmas and we manage to get together. I feel so blessed to have such amazing women in my life...and that we make it a point to get together on a regular basis.

The Portland girls at our annual holiday brunch/book exchange/charity giving party. It's a great excuse to get together, eat too much food, support a good cause and kick off the holiday season. Carrie, Lisa, Shanda, Kirstin & Lilly, me, Cheri and Lindsay.

All dolled up at Kirstin and Tim's Christmas party. Cheri, Carrie, me, Lisa, Shanda, Kirstin and Lindsay.

Care, Kirst and I at the end of the night. I'm happy to say that we closed down the party (which is practically unheard of these days!) It was such a fun night.

Our annual Linfield girls get together. Carrie, Sarah & Julia, Andrea & Brock, Alex, me, Emi, Ian, Ali and Melissa & Luke. We have managed to have 11 kids between us in the 9.5 years since college, so our group continues to grow! It was such a fun afternoon. Love these girls!

Some of my oldest and dearest friends - Jenny, me, Jackie and Julie.
Even though our lives have taken us on very different paths, we can still talk for hours and really enjoy one another. Some of the greatest friends ever!


  1. The reason you have so many wonderful friends is because you have always been one of the best friends around. You are so loyal and giving. I'm so glad you got to enjoy yourself and 'play' this holiday season.

  2. Great pictures. I LOVE your new family picture at the top of your blog. It's beautiful! What a darling family you have!