Monday, December 7, 2009

Annual visit with Santa

One out of two ain't bad, right? I'm just hoping our little visit with St. Nick doesn't lead to a permanent fear of old men with white beards for Kennedy. She was NOT a happy camper. Traumatized would be a better description, I'm afraid. Carter was all business and was intent on getting to Santa so that his wishes could be heard, properly cataloged and then delivered on Christmas Eve. He was even gracious enough to tell Santa what Kennedy wanted, too.
We love the downtown Santa (at Macy's Santaland) and made sure we got there early on Saturday morning. Carter honestly believes that we visited the North Pole, even though we've tried to explain that Santa just visits us here in Portland. As we were driving home from Hillsboro last night, he points out the window, towards downtown and says "look Mom, there's the North Pole." We'll have to work on our geography, son. Ho ho ho!

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  1. That is so cute. It was fun to hear about the experience (hopefully Kennedy is NOT too traumatized). I should start doing that with my kids. We haven't done it yet! I miss all of you guys & wish we were going there soon. No plans, but we need to make some. Happy holidays! Amber