Tuesday, May 26, 2009

They put the "grand" in grandparents

We had such a fun day with Papa and Grandma a few Sundays back. The weather was gorgeous, the kids were in fabulous moods and we just really enjoyed our time together. They arrived after naps and we headed out to Lacamas Lake for a fun walk before dinner. Carter decided that he liked "hikes" without snow much better! It also helped that Papa carried him on his shoulders for the last 1/2 mile. It was so fun watching Carter and Grandma race up the trail and Carter was still talking about it days later. Both Carter and Kennedy love them dearly and Kyle and I are ever grateful for their generous spirits. It was nice to fix them dinner for a change, although Diane still made her famous apple pie (my absolute favorite dessert!) for us. It was a wonderful way to spend our Sunday.

Carter was all about racing up the trail. He loves his time outdoors and was enjoying touching the trees, learning about fallen logs and picking flowers with Grandma and Papa.

There is a wonderful walking trail along the southern side of the lake. It was nice to have 1/4 mile markers along the way and it was fun to show Ken and Diane some of the nice places near our home.

One of Carter's favorite things - I think he must have asked "one more time" about 100 times or so. Don't you just love grandparents? He certainly does!

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