Monday, May 11, 2009

swimming like a fish

Carter started swimming lessons on Tuesday at our neighborhood athletic club. We'd been playing it up something fierce, so he was thoroughly excited to finally get to go on his own. He had informed us that he had to be three before he could put his face in the water, so we waited until after his birthday to sign him up. It helps that the two neighbor boys are in lessons at the same time and Carter loves to do anything that they do! He was a little nervous on Tuesday but caught on quickly and really loved it. He goes twice a week and has already shown some improvement. It's been so fun watching him do this independently...kind of his first thing done completely on his own.

Before his 1st class - he was a little nervous, but SO excited!

We were playing with the neighbors before lessons on Thursday. I let Carter know it was time to go home and get ready for swimming lessons - he proceeded to strip down at Brock and John's house (I made him put his underwear and shoes back on for the walk across the street!).

The only action shot I could snap - we aren't allowed in the pool area until the last class, so this was through a window from far away.

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