Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Diggers, Dozers and Dumpers - oh my!

What three year old boy doesn't love a day to play in the dirt, drive bulldozers and play with all types of heavy machinery? Let's just say that Carter was in heaven during Dozer Day 2009. I do believe that the entire Portland/Metropolitan population was also enjoying this event, but despite the long lines it really was a blast. The weather was perfect and seeing the joy and desire light up Carter's face was the type of thing that I live for. It was wonderful!

We managed to find two short lines right off the bat. Carter chose to ride the *BIG* excavator first. He looks so serious in most of these shots, but I promise he was having fun!

There was a giant conveyor thingy (I think it usually moves rocks?) that shot out tons and tons of candy every ten minutes or so. Suffice it to say, it wasn't the healthiest of days. Carter loves candy!

Kennedy chilled in the backpack most of the time and, as usual, was a trooper. I think she enjoyed watching all of the chaos.

In addition to all the big equipment that kids get to drive with an "official" construction worker, there were loads of other diggers and things that they could climb and play with - it really was a fantastic event.

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