Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Vacuuming doen't make me happy"

As the "terrible two" phase rears its ugly head on a near daily basis, I find myself very thankful that I do in fact love my son more than life itself. Otherwise he may have found himself on Craig's List for the bargain price of $1! It's either go completely crazy or remember all the funny, clever, loving or sweet things that he has done during the day instead.
Today was no exception: the bad - a few time outs for hitting or pushing, a fit because I said no TV, crying (hysterically)because he wanted juice instead of water, etc. And the good: We were cleaning up his toys together, because I wanted to vacuum the family room and he made the comment, "but vacuuming doesn't make me very happy." The way he said it was so sincere with just a hint of the dramatics that I appreciate so much. He was so serious, as if to say, "why would we do ANYTHING that doesn't make ME happy?" Here's another, after a good nap, Carter informs me that he needs to go poop (it's always a big announcement, by the way). So, I help him get situated in the bathroom and then run out to tend to Kennedy. Here is what I found when I came back to check on him.


He really does make me smile. Carter's sporting goggles, which he'll inform you are used to put your head under water. Although, he's "not big enough to do that yet, because he's not 3". In addition to "swimming" around the living room in Daddy's goggles, his "SuperCarter" cape (a homemade Superman type cape with a big C emblazoned on the back) has made a come back. He often dons ski goggles with it because, after all, super heroes must wear goggles. I'll have to try to snap a picture of it next time.

And we ended the day, saying our prayers together before bed. Carter, very lovingly, said that he'd like to pray for his family and that was it, no one else. Typically he'll pray for his friends, maybe his animals, airplanes, books, etc. It warms my heart to know that he loves us and feels loved in return. Now, if only I could keep this warm, fuzzy feeling when he's throwing a fit, we'd all be better off.


  1. So sweet, Katie. I love the potty pics! And his prayers are adorable...Tommy always asks to pray for Top Gun Jets and pilots THEN he gets around to family and friends eventually. Trying to turn those priorities around, but it's funny to witness how their little minds work.

  2. This is so funny. I love the Craig's List comment. Very cute pictures of an extremely cute kid. Just keep reminding yourself of the cute stuff.

  3. Those are cute stories and pictures. By the way I love the background for your blog. Patterns and colors - they're all really cute!