Thursday, January 15, 2009

Such a Trooper

We had Kennedy's six month check-up with the pediatrician on Wednesday. I didn't have any pressing concerns, but it's always good to get a thorough examination and clean bill of health. Unfortunately, the doc discovered that she had infections in both ears. Poor girl. I felt like a horrible mom for not bringing her in sooner, although in my defense, she hadn't had a fever and wasn't tugging at her ears. She had been having trouble sleeping, but for those of you who know her that's not too out of the ordinary! A part of me was quite proud that she'd been feeling so ill and was still so good - it just goes to show that she's one tough cookie! Other than the ear infections, Kennedy is doing great. She's weighing in at 15.2 pounds (~35%) and measuring 25.5 inches (50%). In comparison to Carter, she's so dainty - at this same age Carter was already over 18 pounds! Developmentally she seems to be right on track and the doctor didn't have any worries. She handled the shots like a pro, barely let out a cry and was easily soothed. She's been quite sleepy but thankfully doesn't seem to be in much pain. We've got meds for her ears so hopefully we can get the infections cleared up quickly. All in all a good check up!

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