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Last Day of School ~ 2013

I must admit, I was really looking forward to school coming to an end this year.  It seemed like a year that was busier than others and I was eager to slow down and enjoy the fun of summer. 
Kennedy ended preschool the week after Memorial Day, so she has enjoyed more of an extended summer.
She really had a wonderful year ~ we adored her teacher, Miss Tricia.  She could not have been any more loving and wonderful to her little students.  She was a gift to our family and was one of the main reasons that Kennedy enjoyed going to school each day.

a few pictures with our girl before rushing out the door

Kennedy has grown so much this year and it's hard to believe that she is almost five and will be starting kindergarten next year.  It seems like mere weeks ago that we were celebrating her first day of preschool!


Last day as a PRESCHOOLER!
                                                                                                  And here she was on her first day of school
                                                                                                      September 2012

She was sporting a bit of shiner due to a little running accident with the dog, but I still think she's the cutest thing around!

Kennedy's friend Lyla is one of the sweetest children I have ever met.  She really loves Kennedy and they play so well together.  We wish so much the boundaries had us going to the same school.

Our dear Miss Tricia

I have so loved our time at Circle of Friends and it will be so difficult not to return there in the fall.  The surroundings are familiar, the staff is loving and so dear to our hearts and everything about it is sweet
Kennedy did very well in preschool this year.  On her end of the year assessment, Miss Tricia had lots of positive things to say and was encouraging about her skill development.  Some of my favorites were "she warms my heart with her smile" and "she is a good helper to me and her peers."  Miss Tricia also included that they "sometimes had to work on waiting our turn to talk and to listen to others."    This year she mastered her numbers and letters and got much better at writing her name.   She isn't a reader yet, but has developed great pre-reading skills.  Kennedy's favorite activities at school were coloring and crafting. She enjoyed playing with Lyla and Delaynee but was friendly with all of her classmates.  
As we drove away from school, after her spring program, she was holding her memory book (a treasure given to us each year and made by their teachers) and (trying to) crying, saying she was so sad to be leaving Miss Tricia and her friends.  It was all very dramatic but so very sweet.  I am so thankful that our preschool has been a safe and loving environment in which our children have flourished!

Carter finished up the 1st grade towards the end of June.
He had a very successful year academically and he really enjoyed his teacher, Mrs. Lange.  He had a student teacher, Ms. Thomas,  during the first half of the year and we liked her a lot too.
Carter made several new friends and generally enjoyed going to school each day.  Each day we'd get a report on his kick ball game or wall ball score.  Play. By. Play.  It was much harder to get information regarding what he actually did in the classroom, but I do understand that recess was a special time in his day.

Carter's last day as a FIRST GRADER!!!                 And here he is on the first day of 1st grade!

Carter's report card was mailed home a week or so after school was out and we were very proud of his achievements.  He's a smart little boy and has done well in school so far.  His reading skills really exploded towards the end of the year and we were thrilled to see how he measured.  He also did great in math.  Unfortunately, he has struggled a bit with his behavior and it got progressively worse as the year went on.  His teacher was wonderful and was willing to work with us, sending home a daily behavior report.   Another positive note about his teacher was her comments to me regarding Carter...she was always positive and I truly believe that she chose to focus on his strengths and love him despite of his weaknesses.  I was very thankful for her and her loving nature towards my boy. Carter tried really hard to improve, which made Kyle and I very proud.  His main areas of struggle are arguing, talking out in class and being respectful.  He actually got a few '2's on his report card in these areas.  Definitely something we'll continue to work on.
Carter said that math was his favorite activity to do at school and has been teaching himself multiplication and division.  He loves recess and PE, too!  Overall, I think it was a really successful year for Carter and we're anxious to see where he'll go in 2nd grade.  I am hopeful that he'll be able to be challenged a bit more next year and that his classroom behaviors will improve!

On the last day of school, we were able to join the first graders in a fun celebration ~ chalk, bubbles and Popsicles! 
I had Kaitlin with me for the morning, so she joined us at Grass Valley.  I was amazed at home the girls fit right in with the big kids!
bubble fun

Carter and Ryan
Sadly, Ryan's family moved back to California at the beginning of the summer.  We will really miss them!  He is such a sweet boy and a good friend to Carter.

I love this picture...
that smile makes me so happy and his face is radiating joy!

ha ha ha!  There's a story here...these two girls in front of Carter, Annie and Ashlin, are so sweet.  I think there was some reciprocal crushes going on this year.  Lots of playground chasing, etc.  Carter wanted to take a picture with them but was too shy to ask.  I suggested he go run by them and I would simply take a picture.  Great idea, Mom!

Enjoying some Popsicles!
Good bye 1st grade, hello 2nd!

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  1. Isn't it amazing how much the kids change in just 9 months? Incredible! Good luck with your blog catch up! I'm trying to do the same ~ funny that we're BOTH blogging about the end of school in July! Just a mark of how busy life has been ~ fun to be seeing your posts!