Friday, July 26, 2013

Circle of Friends Spring Concert

This blog is beginning to look a bit like Ground Hog Day...I have fallen woefully behind in posting and am now committed to doing 20+ posts to catch up before another 20 need to be done.  It doesn't help that our computer is as old as dirt and about as slow, too!  I've found a nice little work around and am using Kyle's computer to get all of my pictures uploaded and can then actually narrate the posts as time allows.  And who am I kidding, time never allows!

So, way back in the end of May, Kennedy had her (last) spring performance at Circle of Friends Preschool.  She was very excited to sing her songs and informed us that she had been practicing very hard and would sing loudly to make Miss Tricia happy.
I love these little traditions that we've enjoyed for the past four years and had a heavy heart sitting in the sanctuary knowing that this phase of our family's life was coming to an end.
It was a special night, to be sure!

Kennedy outside the Gumball room, the green classroom, which was her class with other "young" 4's

Kennedy got to lead all the Gumballs and hold Miss Tricia's hand as they made their way into the church.

As they made their way up on stage, you could tell that Kennedy was nervous and a little overwhelmed by the full sanctuary.  While she loves to perform, it is something that she does well outside of her comfort zone.  She is much more reserved and quite serious when up on stage.
Singing with all her heart!
These two boys (from the PM class) who were in front of Kennedy, kept looking back at her throughout the entire performance.  I'm not sure if they were impressed that she knew all of the words or if she was simply singing so loudly that it was a bit distracting.

At the spring show, the children get to say their name into a microphone as they make their way back to their seats.
Kennedy Marie Phelan did a great job!

Grandma was able to come for the show and really enjoyed watching Kennedy.  And Kennedy loved having her there, too!

Things were more hectic than usual, due to the renovation that was started at church, so we weren't able to go downstairs like normal.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get many pictures as it was late and we ate our cookies and made our way home.
Circle of Friends will always hold such a very special place in my heart...

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