Friday, April 26, 2013

10 years and a letter of love

We were fortunate to spend our special anniversary in Cabo ~ 10 years!  10 years, people!  It sounds like a long time, but to be perfectly honest it doesn't feel like it at all.  It doesn't seem like 10 years have passed since we said, "I do," but then I look at our life and all that we've accomplished together and I know that it must have taken some time, because we've done a lot.  I also think back to ten years ago and feel like we were babies when we stood at that alter, in front of our dear friends and family who we love so much, and made promises before God.  We were just 24 and we had our whole life ahead of us.  And it kind of feels like we still do...I look at our children and know that we have so many wonderful, perhaps some challenging, times ahead.  10 years have flown by and I can honestly say that I am just as excited to see where the next ten will lead us.
Ken and Diane were kind enough to watch all the kids so that we could go out.  Stacy and Justin joined us for a special evening.
We started at the beach front bar and then headed to La Gondolondrina, which has wonderful food and a beautiful atmosphere! 
For my love,
Marriage isn't always easy, but I can confidently say that I found the perfect partner for me.  Kyle is the calm when I'm storming, always staying rational, never rising to the bait of an argument.  It's remarkable, really, his ever steady walk through life.  It is a quality of his that I greatly admire and am often thankful for. He's so very easy going.  He is hard to anger and easy to make happy.  I know he appreciates me, which is a gift all on its own.  Kyle is the pillar of faith in our family.  I love that he has willingly sought God in difficult situations and has made an effort to deepen his relationship with Christ.  What a wonderful example he is to our children.  I will also be forever grateful for the comfort that I take knowing that Kyle is protecting our family ~ he provides unselfishly, working so hard, to give us a good life.  He's successful in his job, mostly I believe because he is kind and honest and people can trust him.  That's a rare quality in business these days and he has been rewarded for it.  Kyle makes an effort to make me feel special ~ over these ten years of marriage he has listened and tried to do little things that he knows I will love.  We have had to learn one another's love languages, and we've come along way.  I look back to the start of our marriage and while we had a ton of fun and certainly lived a more carefree life, at this point we know one another more deeply, love more intimately.  While every day isn't perfect, I am proud of us.  Proud of my husband and the love that he has for our family. 
I love you, Kyle and feel blessed to have you as my partner in life.

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  1. Beautiful and so true! I'm glad you two had such a nice anniversary and am so grateful for your friendship. We are missing your family and hoping for a dinner date in the near future!!!!