Monday, August 1, 2011

4th of July Fun

Sadly, it's now August and I'm still trying to catch up my blogging from the beginning of July. Oh well, better late than never!

We had a fabulous 4th of July celebration this year...I could really do without the booming fire works that exploded each night (for a week!) in our neighborhood, but I tried hard not to be a Grinch on the 4th. We ended up heading downtown to the Blues Fest on the waterfront and met up with three other families. It was a gorgeous afternoon, and the kids did surprisingly well. We were able to enjoy some good music and great time with friends.

Festive kiddos
Thank goodness for snacks...there wasn't a ton of room for the kids to run or play, but they sure enjoyed eating!

Carter and Ethan

How cute is this little guy?

A group shot - Care and Cheri, Carter, Adrian and Eli

Nana and Kennedy finding new forms of entertainment

When we got home, we let the kids do a few sparklers. I'm kind of anti fireworks, but I have fond memories of sparklers and the kids really enjoyed them.

Such sweetness

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