Sunday, February 27, 2011


I am playing catch up...behind in blogging and behind in everything else! I have an afternoon to try to fix all that and get on top of things. First order on my to-do list is to post a few happenings, because we have so many fun things planned during the next few months that if I don't get caught up now, it may just never happen! With that being said, here I go.

I am so thankful that Carter and Kennedy will have cousins close in age. I grew up with only two cousins, one 9 years and one 12 years older than me. So, pretty much it was just me and I have always desired a big family. Luckily Kyle's family is huge and it's a lot of fun. Both of his sisters have little ones, so our family is growing and it's wonderful!

Our attempt at a group shot...I will have to admit that trying to finagle the cooperation of two toddlers for a photo shoot is something I hope to never have to do again. Carter and Brady were troopers - sat nicely and waited for the chaos around them to get in position. Now, the photographer we had was not the best and if it were me I would have been snapping madly, just hoping and praying that I caught them looking in the same general direction. Kennedy didn't want to have her picture taken and Bennett didn't want to sit still. It was pure comedy. At least we got one decent picture, it was worth it.
A few funnies from Carter during the process, "This must be Kennedy's (referring to his new polo), boys can't wear pink" and "Can someone take the baby, I'm sweating through my shirt." That kid kills me.

We celebrated Kyle's birthday before Stacy, Justin and Bennett had to fly back home. These two are too cute together.

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