Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School

Our boy is growing up! Today, Carter started his first day of preschool and loved it. He is attending Circle of Friends and is in the gumdrop room. There are seven other students in his class, including his friend Gracie (it was nice to know someone on the first day, he told me) Carter was very enthusiastic to start school and we've done a pretty good job of hyping it for awhile now. He walked right in, sat right down at the table, started playing with the play dough that Miss Laura had set out, blew me a kiss and that was that. No tears, no long hugs or clingy hands. He was definitely ready to take this big step into many years of learning. It was slightly bittersweet for me as I walked back to my car. It felt great to know that he was comfortable in this new place but it pulled at my heart strings to drop him off and leave his care in the hands of others. My hopes for him this year will be to make new friends, have lots of fun, learn to love school, improve his ability to follow directions and develop respect for others. I really can't wait to hear what he does in class tomorrow!

He was all about having his picture taken at home before we left for school. (His shirt isn't stained, but he washed his hands right before we left and got himself all wet!)
Seriously. So excited!

Ready for a fun day

Going in...

Diving in...


  1. OMG! Little C is not so little anymore. Look at him so grown up with his backpack. Uncle J will have to come up with a new nickname I guess. :) We thought of him all day today and are so happy to hear that he loved school! XOXO

  2. WOW! Preschool, that is such a big deal. Did you cry? Glad to hear he was excited.