Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Annual Eagle Crest Trip

We spent a lovely, relaxing five days in Central Oregon with Kyle's family this past week. It's an annual trip planned by Kyle's parents and each year seems to be more and more fun. I think it has to do with the kids getting older - Carter had such a blast and seeing him enjoy himself and try new things with excitement makes the vacation even better for me. Kyle was able to play some golf, I got to enjoy some quiet time in the sun and we all enjoyed the outdoor fun to the fullest...swimming, hiking, biking, golfing and playing! It was so great to have extra sets of hands to help out and Carter especially loved having play time with Auntie Val and even got to sleep at the "big lodge" with Grandma and Papa one night. Oh, and did I mention the many powdered donuts that he devoured? Really, what's not to love about vacation! We are so thankful for these fun, family vacations and I know we're creating memories to last a lifetime. Here are a handful of pictures from our trip:

Enjoying the warm and sunny weather - playing track ball with Auntie Val and Mark.
Carter is a super fearful swimmer but he improved SO much during this trip. Val was a wonderful teacher and by the end of our trip, he was jumping to us, kicking and paddling, blowing bubbles and generally enjoying his time in the pool. It was GREAT!

Kennedy has no fear and loves the water too. She wanted to do everything that big brother was doing, and I'm sure she would have jumped right in if we would have let her. I can't wait to see how she'll be next year.

Hiking with Carter is kind of a challenge. He still isn't big enough to go very fast or very far. He spent the majority of our hike on Dad's shoulders.

It felt wonderful to get out and get some exercise. I figured I must have burned a few more calories hauling Kennedy on my back. Isn't the view magnificent?!?

All tuckered out after one of our morning hikes.

The whole family enjoyed some time on the putting green and chipping area. Carter loves golf and felt so cool to be golfing on the real course. He was quite sad to miss out on golfing with Daddy and Papa...hopefully soon!

Look at that form - he's really quite good and when he connects, he can really get some distance on the ball. It's impressive, especially since I have trouble hitting more than a few yards!

We saw deer each day and this doe came right up to our deck. I think they're so used to being around people that they come quite close. I'm sure she was looking for a tasty hand-out.

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