Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Land of a million Legos

We kicked off the summer with a wonderful trip to San Diego and Legoland. Nana drove over from AZ, picked the kids and I up at the airport and we made our way north to Carlsbad. We had a great three days - the park was perfect for the preschool set and the kids had a really fun time.

First day - ready for some fun!

Carter was AWESOME at driving the cars. I was really impressed. While all the other kids were crashing into the curbs or each other, he maneuvered his car around all the pile ups and drove around the circular track time and again without incident. He was so serious about it, and it was so fun to watch.

Kennedy actually seemed to enjoy the park a bit more than Carter, especially on the first day when we hadn't discovered the roller coasters yet. She was filled with joy!

Our hotel had a little park and great pool ride outside our door. It was a great way to pass the time before Legoland opened.

Ice cream!

Carter and his spiky hair - waiting for the big roller coaster. It was so much fun! We managed to ride it half a dozen times without waiting in too long of lines.

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  1. Oh wow, Henry would just LOVE Legoland! I should get some pointers from you!