Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Part 2 - Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning
Morning! The kids were up at 6:00, but we managed to hold them off for another 30 minutes before we dove into presents. I got them to 'pose' by holding their stockings hostage. Kind of worked.
Stockings from Santa

It was just as much fun to help others unwrap their gifts as it was to unwrap their own.

New clothes!

Carter's Santa gift - a bow and arrow. I'm always so impressed that he chooses one gift months before Christmas and doesn't change his mind or add to his list. This year it was a bow and arrow, and Santa happily obliged.

Kennedy's gift from Santa was an American Girl Bitty Baby. It really is the sweetest baby doll I've ever seen and she loved it! It was definitely the toy of choice that day.

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  1. That bow and arrow cracks me up! Is it just me or does Miss K just keep getting cuter and cuter? I can't wait to see you guys in a month. XO