Monday, February 22, 2010

Down by the Bay

We headed down to the Bay Area over Presidents Day weekend and had a wonderful four day vacation with Stacy, Justin and Bennett. Not only was there great company and a lot of fun things to do but it was sunny. And warm. In FEBRUARY! It was glorious. We enjoyed every possible minute outside, from playing at the park, strolling around Palo Alto, taking walks in the neighborhood, hitting the beach at Half Moon Bay or just sitting on the deck as the kids played. It was a much needed break from the cold, grey skies of the Pacific Northwest. And it was the proverbial icing on our vacation cake.
On our first day we headed to the East Bay and visited my Aunt Phyllis in Moraga. It was a beautiful town and we enjoyed a quick trip to the park before a nice lunch.

Kennedy was sick with a bad cold and fever, but we managed to get a smile or two out of her. More than anything she was very sleepy and much more lethargic than normal.

Carter found a fun train to drive and was just thrilled to be outside playing.

I love this picture of the kids. Honestly, Carter was having a lot of fun, he's just at the point where he cannot be bothered by my incessant picture taking.

Back home to Casa de Simon and a little quality time with Mr. B. He, too, was fighting a nasty cold, but he still managed to have fun with his cousins. He's such a sweet little guy.

The three munchkins going for a ride around the streets of Belmont.

Carter and Bennett


Friday night, Justin's family came over for dinner. We hadn't seen them in about two years, so it was a great visit. Here is Michelle playing with Miss K and her favorite toy of Bennett's, the ball popper.

Saturday morning cooking with Uncle Justin. The kids helped him cook up some mean waffles.

We headed out to the beach for a picnic lunch. This was our life in the car for the majority of the trip. Kennedy was so tired and was screaming, which got Bennett screaming too. It was too much.

Group shot at Half Moon Bay

So sweet
Love my kids

Carter hitching a ride as we walked down the palm tree lined streets of Stanford.

Valentine's Day photos

Bennett pulling a nice WWF move on Kennedy. Some day, I'm afraid, she'll pay him back for this one.

Bennett and Carter and their matching vday shirts. Thank you Auntie Stacy!

On Monday we headed to the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. It was such a cool place and is definitely a place we'll head back to once the kids are a little older. Here Kennedy and Kyle are in the rain forest - beautiful butterflies were flying all around.

Carter in the aquarium part of the museum. Getting a little hands on time with some sea life.

Kennedy and Bennett's favorite part of the museum - the toddler area - it was small but very well done and allowed for some play time for the kids without the large crowds. B found the stairs and was in heaven going up and down, up and down.


  1. Katie-I love that picture in the car with the two babes screaming. Hilarious, if only we could just cry like that when we are tired or irritated! The pictures are great. Made me excited for our So. Cal trip here in a few weeks. Hope you guys are well. Miss you!

  2. Fun Trip!! San Fran. was actually my top Spring Break choice...but if you read my blog I'm just so nervous to fly with 3 kid's was the closest flight to a fun place I could think of...maybe next year I'll be braver. We are just now out of diapers, but not yet stroller-less for long distances!