Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday was the most beautiful fall day, just right for hunting for the perfect pumpkin. We made the trek out to Bi-Zi Farms and spent the afternoon riding tractors, traipsing through pumpkin fields, conquering a 6 acre corn maze and petting a wide assortment of smelly farm animals. One thing can certainly be said for me, it was obvious that I was not raised on a farm. I could never have stood all that dirt! But the few hours that we spent getting dirty really was fun for us all. The kids loved it and Carter was excited to see and do everything. He chose his "perfect" pumpkins and LOVED riding the tractor out to the patch. We came home four pumpkins heavier, covered in a thick layer of dirt, tuckered out and very happy!

Our first stop was the hay ride out to the patch. I've realized that getting a family picture where all four of us are smiling and looking at the camera may just be impossible. I'm getting over it.

My precious kiddos

Waiting in line for the tractor ride

Carter and Nana at the duck races

Kennedy was absolutely enamoured with the pumpkins. She entertained herself the entire time Carter was out hunting for the perfect one.

My little punkin'

Carter in the patch with the first of our 4 pumpkins - 2 big ones and 2 small ones

She was too cute, I just couldn't stop taking her picture!

Kennedy and Nana

Family photo attempt #212 - getting better

Taking a rest as we wait for the tractor to take us back to the main farm area

Carter at the petting zoo - not a huge fan of the animals, a little apprehensive to stick his hands through the fence (can't say that I really blame him)

Carter and Daddy at the pumpkin launch - we took 2 shots and just missed winning a prize

Riding along on the little tricycle-tractor things. Kind of hard to do on gravel

Of course, Kennedy got in on the action

In the hay maze

We made it through the corn maze in no time - it helped that Kyle thought it wise to follow the path that was the most worn down, figuring the way that most people went would lead to the exit.

Kennedy enjoyed some of my hot chocolate, which lead to a funny story. I took the lid off to share my drink, which in turn got all over her face (I'm not one for dirty faces, so I sought out some napkins), ran over to get some napkins, Kennedy followed, a big man jumped to miss stepping on her and knocked into me, spilling hot chocolate everywhere. It was pretty funny and at least my crunchy hair smelled yummy :)

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