Sunday, July 19, 2009

A fun blast from MY past

This past week we took the short trip over the Sellwood bridge to Oaks Park. I have not been there since I was a kid, so to go back and take my own children was really fun. My friend had told me about their preschool days and it was PERFECT. Perfect time (9:30-11:30 - 2 hours just the right amount of time, too), perfect price ($6 for Carter, free for Kennedy and free for us)and perfect rides. Carter loved everything. He went on every ride, wasn't scared of anything and was begging for more as we were getting ready to leave. I thought he'd freak out on the roller coaster, which I must say was kind of fast and definitely herky-jerky, but he didn't. As soon as it stopped he piped up, "can we do it again?" I was so happy that he enjoyed himself and so proud that he wasn't scared. On the car ride home he summed up our morning perfectly, "Mom, I love doing special things." And that was the icing on our perfect day cake!

The frog jump ride - so much fun!

Carter and his ostrich. Who knows?

Kennedy got in on the action a bit, too. She enjoyed the carousel, big slide and hot air balloon ride.

Hot air balloon ride - the four of us got to go on this one together.

Riding the rockets - guns, of course. What rocket would be complete without guns. Super.

Brevin and Carter riding the motorcycles. They had a great mix of big and small rides and it was fun to watch the boys go independently.
Getting ready for our first ride on the roller coaster

Carter and Mommy loving every minute or our roller coaster ride (4th time, I think!)

Our last ride of the day - a slow ride on a small train around the park. Wahoo.

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  1. Hey... you were in my neighborhood! Glad the kiddos liked Oaks Park. So great that Carter recognizes the special things you do for him. What a good guy!