Saturday, June 27, 2009


How cute are these three? We are so thankful that Stacy and Bennett were able to spend the day with us on Monday and we look forward to more time together next week. I really love that my kids will have a cousin (or perhaps cousinS?!?!) so close in age. My cousins were 9 and 12 years older than not a lot of play dates for us :) I figure this is an easier way to provide my children with sibling-like play and big family fun.
We didn't plan their matching stripes, but aren't they cute? Not the best pictures, but getting three squirming little ones to look at the camera together was a challenge!

We love little B!

Carter convinced Stacy to race around the house. Don't you just love Aunties? Carter certainly loves his!

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  1. Kennedy is growing up so much, I love her bow in her hair. Too cute!